Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait - 5 lbs

Item #: RP24000-5

Product Information
Control California Ground Squirrels on golf courses, parks, schools and around buildings. These squirrels burrow in the ground making it difficult to mow and are very destructive to plants and equipment. The insecticide acts in the reduction of fleas in California Ground Squirrels. Place 3 to 4 lbs. of Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait in secured, tamper-resistant bait stations 20 to 100 feet apart. Use in AZ, CA, OR, NV and WA. (Non-RUP).
  • Control California Ground Squirrel
  • Contains Diphacinone, Imidacloprid, Grain Bait (Oat Groats)
  • The ONLY bait to target both squirrel AND their fleas
  • Insecticide also kills the fleas that infest ground squirrels
  • Place bait in secured stations 15 days or until no signs of feeding
  • For use up to 100 ft from buildings
  • non-RUP
  • Approved for use in AZ, CA, NV, OR, WA
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Product Size5 lb Pail, 64 Blocks
  • R&R Product IDRP24000-5
  • BrandR&R Products
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